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FloodMap Mobile is a part of Atkins FloodMap suite of products that include FloodMap Desktop – an ESRI ArcGIS software extension for creating FEMA flood hazard maps and data ( Atkins is the world’s 11 largest design firm.​


All flood hazard data were created by FEMA. The flood hazard data comprises information that can be found on FEMA’s Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps (DFIRMs) and Letters of Map Revision (LOMR).
An “A”, “AE”, “V”, or “VE” zone is an area of flood risk with a 1% annual chance of occurring. The zones with a “V” are coastal flood hazards while the zones with an “A” are riverine hazards. A “X” zone is an area outside the “A” zone and may include the 0.2% annual chance flood risk.
Approximate home values are acquired®. Approximate building contents are calculated as a percentage of home value. Ground elevation data is obtained from the (USGS). Base mapping data is from Google®. Gage data obtained from the (NOAA).​


Use at your own risk. No data accuracy warranty is given and all data is acquired from public and/or Internet sources. This software cannot be used for flood insurance determination, which must be completed by a determination company and may require professional survey and engineering services. Insurance quotes are approximates based on FEMA’s flood insurance rate tables. Precise quotes must be obtained from a Write Your Own flood insurance agent. Many of the datasets are federal agency public domain datasets, which contain no warranty. All the data is a ‘mash-up’ of data obtained from the Internet, and as such, no guarantee to accuracy is given.​

FEMA’s Risk MAP program vision is to increase the quality of flood hazard data we produce as well as strengthen our public communication about the flood risks that U.S. citizens face, which ultimately leads to positive mitigation action.
Doug Bellomo